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OCI Free tier : How to connect the local network of the 1st VM from 2nd VM

I tried to runch VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro from Oracle cloud free tier as a development server, but it is very slow.

UnixBench: 504

Very slow.

So I decided to set up a second VM with OCI free tier and move the DB from the first VM to it. I thought I would add a second NIC to each VM and build a local network there, but apparently OCI is different.

I couldn’t help but think about it, so I created an instance just like first one, and in the Networking configuration place, I set
 => Select the same VNIC as the first one
 => Check Assign a public IPv4 address
 => Select Show advanced options
 => Specify an appropriate IP address for Private IP address (e.g.
Then, the first VM was able to connect to (I don’t know why, but it is also possible to connect from the public IP I assigned.)

However, I needed to add a rule to the “ingress rule” to make a specific communication between the two servers. This time, I used mariaDB (mysql) for DB, so I specified for sorce and registered it with destination Port 3306, and communication became possible.

Incidentally, since it was still slow, I did the following setting on the first VM. Then it become a usable speed.

  • Add swap (OCI’s ubuntu image doesn’t have swap).
  • Increase the number of workers of nginx and opnelitespeed. (They are too slow to handle with only a few workers.)
  • Stop unused services.