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Collabora Online stops working after Update

After updating Collabora Online, which was installed for NextCloud integration, from 22 to 23, the following error appeared when opening office-based files in NextCloud. (Ubuntu 22.04)

Failed to establish socket connection or socket connection closed unexpectedly.

NextCloud error

The logs of Collabora Online show no errors but the following warnings.

WRN Successfully sent ‘segfaultcount’ message segfaultcount 1
WRN Crash detected, will quarantine last version of …

Collabora Online logs

The reason was that the package “collaboraoffice” had not been updated.

To install, use the following command

apt install coolwsd code-brand

To update (upgrade), use the following command. Needed to add the package “collaboraoffice”.

apt install coolwsd code-brand collaboraoffice

I wasted a few days with this error…